March 2019   
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Share Jesus Without Fear Witness Training
Leader: Richard Graham

"Share Jesus Without Fear" is perhaps the least-pressure method of sharing the gospel that a Christian can use.  When a believer uses it to share the gospel, the non-believer does 90% of the talking.  It presents a natural, non-threatening way to share the gospel that eliminates the pressure, the argument, and the fear of failure!  SJWF teaches that evangelism is not winning another person to the Lord.  That is the job of the Holy Spirit.  Your job is only to share your Christian faith and live the life of a genuine believer.  SJWF teaches you how to guide non-believers to the Word of God through everyday conversation.

This training takes four sessions of about an hour to an hour and a quarter each.  The cost is about $15 per person.  The training can be done by a pastor or by our Director of Missions.  For more information, contact DOM Richard Graham.

This workshop is in English.


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