March 2019   
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New Church Health Assessments Available

Special Conference covering this topic at EKG Empowering Kingdom Growth on Sept. 26th-27th!  See info on separate page under Info Center!

A Proposed Church Health Vision Path for a Church

A Seminar for Pastors and Churches

Seventy to eighty percent of our churches are either plateaued or declining.  The basic reason is that the church has strayed from its original purpose, mission, and vision.
The seminar will help the pastor remember from whence you have come, and find a way to help your church find health once again.
The pastor and the church will explore ways to discover and implement God's mission and vision for the church.  Each pastor will work with a Vision Team to determine its values, mission, vision, and strategy.
Change is very difficult to do.  We all resist change, but change is inevitable.  If we refuse to change then we become dysfunctional.  The beginning place for change is for each pastor being willing to change within himself.  We cannot be independent and still be functional and healthy as a church.

The church is people.
The mission is "Make disciples ..."
The vision is transformation.
The functions are worship, evangelism, discipling, ministering, and fellowship.

For more information, contact the Long Beach Harbor Southern Baptist Association office at 562-676-5640, or Dr. Harold Hambley at 714-848-5671.


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