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“The LBHA exists to Resource, Assist, Coach, and Equip the leadership of local churches, empowering them to make disciples, and launch new churches and ministries."

Director of Missions

Rev. Mark Gayden, Sr.


Associational Treasurer, Fellowship Team Leader

Pastor Walter Carter



Pastor Timothy Sanford



Tony DeVeres


ASSISTeam Director, VBS Director, Empowerment Conference Coordinator

Ms. Lizz Bell


Advance Deans of Long Beach Harbor

Pastor Stan Evans


Advance Deans of Long Beach Harbor

Pastor Brad Pixley


Prison Ministry Consultant

Charlie Corum


Rev. Charlie Corum, part of both Los Angeles Southern Baptist Association and the California Southern Baptist Convention, can help you explore how to start and continue a successful prison ministry with your church members who are called to this needed outreach.  Simple opportunities include both one-time outside ministry and one-time inside ministry.  Jesus said, “When I was in prison, you visited me.”  Has your church obeyed Him?

Evangelism Trailer

Pastor Trevor Cooper

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Church Planting Strategist for CSBC

Jimmie Davidson


Church Health Consultant

Harold Hambley

Dr. Hambley is extensively trained and experienced in consulting with pastors and church leaders on the spiritual health of their congregations.  He has a variety of tools to help churches advance to the next level of spiritual health.  He can be reached at his home at 714-848-5671, or by his cell 714-404-6205.

Deaf Ministry Consultant

Steve Lucero


Rev. Steve Lucero is the Deaf Pastor for the Deaf Congregation at New Hope Community Church, El Monte.

Seaport Missionary

Sung Lee

Rev. Lee started March of 2009, and works at the Long Beach International Seafarers Center at 120 South Pico Avenue, Long Beach, CA.  He visits and ministers to seafarers there and onboard the ships, witnessing, counseling, and other types of ministry.  He also trains LBH church ministers and members in seafarer ministries.  His phone number is 323-383-1715.