Church Endorsement for Advance School

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ADVANCE Center (Code and Name): __________________________________________

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Study Plan

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Diploma (24 hours)

Leadership Diploma (48 hours)


__ Native American

__ Fall

__ January

__ Spring __ Summer Year: ___________

Evening Phone
(If not USA, please send a copy of your visa / green-card, if possible)


__ Christian Ministry
__ Transformational Teaching
__ Pastoral Ministries
__ Church Planting
__ Peer Counseling
__ On Mission
__ Church Education
__ Chaplaincy
__ Discipleship
__ Children’s Ministry
__ Music Ministry
__ Women’s Ministry
__ Preaching
__ Christian Leadership
__ Introduction to Christian Studies
__ Intermediate Christian Studies
__ Mission Studies (IMB Spouse Requirement)

__ Christian Ministry Leadership __ Transform. Teach. Leadership __ Pastoral Ministries Leadership __ Church Planting Leadership __ Peer Counseling Leadership __ On Mission Leadership

Other CLD Certificate or Diploma (write in):


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__ Christian Ministry Diploma
__ Transformational Teaching Diploma
__ Pastoral Ministries
__ Church Planting Diploma
__ Peer Counseling
__ On Mission Diploma
__ Church Education Diploma
__ Chaplaincy Diploma
__ Discipleship Diploma
__ Children’s Ministry Diploma
__ Music Ministry Diploma
__ Women’s Ministry Diploma
__ Preaching Diploma
__ Introduction to Christian Leadership Diploma __ Christian Studies


__ Church Education Leadership __ Chaplaincy Leadership
__ Discipleship Leadership
__ Children’s Min. Leadership

__ Music Ministry Leadership
__ Women’s Ministry Leadership __ Preaching Leadership

High School Graduate?* __ Yes __ No College Graduate? __ Yes __ No

Have you made previous application to GS?


Do you want to transfer credit from another school into

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Please return this original form to your local center.

FORM I (Updated 8/17)

this program? __ Yes __ No

__ Yes

__ No (if yes, attach transcript) If yes, when?

Have you been a follower of Christ for more than one year? Denomination: __ SBC __ Other Baptist __ Non-Denominational

Current Church Membership
Church Mailing Address
How long have you been a member of your current church?


List two individuals (with addresses) whom you have known well for more than one year. You may not list family members.

__ Yes
Pastor’s Name

__ No
__ Other (please specify)